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About Us

Medi-FeRa is an importer and distributor of the highest quality medical equipment, tools, and parts from the world’s leading manufacturers.

We distribute to hospitals, operating rooms, treatment rooms, clinics, and other healthcare institutions – providing our customers with expert consulting services and comprehensive technical support.

Our mission at Medi-FeRa is continuous improvement.  We unceasingly search the globe for the most advanced technologies and innovations in the medical field.

We offer our customers the very best equipment available, while staying on top of every trend and striving constantly to improve services, selection, and product quality.

In addition to medical equipment, Medi-FeRa distributes to health care institutions a full selection of essential chemicals and solutions, including cleansers and disinfecting solutions used during operations and other medical procedures.

We also manufacture, repair, and supply advanced fiber optic parts for laser devices used in a wide range of medical procedures.

Highly experienced and thoroughly professional, our staff at Medi-FeRa possesses an extensive, constantly-updated knowledge of the Israeli and global market in medical equipment and technology.

By providing the most advanced technological solutions available, total customer support, and excellence and professionalism on every level, Medi-FeRa aims to be a world leader in the field of medical equipment and supplies distribution.

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