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News in the world of medical equipment


Rofin is the only globally operating laser manufacturer who covers all areas of laser material processing in the medical devices industry. Rofin’s product line showcased at MedTec 2014 includes the advanced human machine interface for the popular 4-axis laser cutting system StarCut tube and the completely revised CNC laser welder Select. StarCut Tube – Next […]


Researchers at the Mayo Clinic, in Jacksonville, Florida, have developed a laser-based device that helps Parkinson’s patients walk again. It’s a highly laser light. The disease is known to slowly destroy the brain’s ability to control the muscles, depriving the of their mobility forcing them move around in a wheelchair. Neurologist Jay Van Gerpen, of […]


With research support from the University of Central Florida, medical device startup NoNeedles Venipuncture is working to develop a new device that uses lasers instead of needles to collect blood samples. “Our design of this instrument is intended to improve the process of performing a venipuncture — such that the quality will be better and […]


After several years of research and development efforts, Weber Medical is finally able to introduce the first yellow laser worldwide for the use in intravenous and interstitial laser therapy. So far, a yellow laser with 5mW 589nm is ready to be used in intravenous treatments while the one with 50mW 589nm can be used for […]

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