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News in the world of medical equipment


  MEDICAL FAIR INDIA 2012: The highlight of the industry is the mostsuccessful event in the fair’s history, with 322 exhibitors and 6,721 visitors. The 18th MEDICAL FAIR INDIA held in 2012, the International Exhibition and Conference on Diagnostics, Medical Technology, Rehabilitation, Medical Equipment and Components, ended on 4 March 2012 as a resounding success, [...]

Tangent Medical’s Novacath Peripheral IV Catheter System Cleared in U.S. (video)

 link to…   Tangent Medical Technologies, Inc. The FDA has given 510(k) clearance for Tangent Medical‘s (Ann Arbor, MI) NovaCath Secure IV Catheter System. Tangent developed the NovaCath to improve stability during peripheral IV catheterization and reduce the chance of clinicians being exposed to patient blood. As the demo video below shows, the new device [...]


Our top-of-the-line APM-HDC-5200 polisher allows you to program your polishing processes through an easy-to-use PC-based Windows-like full-color touch screen panel. Once programmed, the panel displays your settings for speed, time, and pressure, and also prompts the operator for the film, pad, and lubricant needed for each step of the process. The number of processes that [...]


  An optical fiber (or optical fibre) is a flexible, transparent fiber made of glass (silica) or plastic, slightly thicker than a human hair. It functions as a waveguide, or “light pipe”,[1] to transmit light between the two ends of the fiber.[2] The field of applied science and engineering concerned with the design and application [...]

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