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Mechanical Fiber Cleaver PT-105 B

PT-105 precision cleaver is on a par with more expensive cleavers from Fitel, AFL and other brand name manufacturers but with a VERY competitive price! The PT105 precision cleavers provides clean, accurate cleaves required for fusion splicing. It is also ideal for preparing fiber for quick-term style connectors such as Corning UNICAMs

Product Detalis

Chinese economic multi-action fiber optic cleaver Pt-105, high precision preparation for single fibers, standard length 16mm.
Fiber Optic Cleaver Pt-105 Features:
high precision preparation for single fibers
Stable operation with Multi-Action process
Typical cleave angle: 90°± 0.5°
Compact & handy outfit design
High precision cleaving blade with 16 cleave spots
Scratch-free anodized body surface
Simplified blade adjustment & replacements
Built-in maintenance tool attached: on the bottom

 Mechanical Fiber Cleaver video.

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