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New Developments in Concentrated Laser

Rofin is the only globally operating laser manufacturer who covers all areas of laser material processing in the medical devices industry. Rofin’s product line showcased at MedTec 2014 includes the advanced human machine interface for the popular 4-axis laser cutting system StarCut tube and the completely revised CNC laser welder Select.
StarCut Tube – Next Generation HMI

With more than hundred installations globally, ROFIN’s 4-axis laser cutting StarCut tube has set the standard for high-accuracy tube processing for medical instruments and implants for over ten years. New fields of application opened up after a newly developed tube loader and wet-cutting module were launched.

All user interface components needed during normal operation are integrated into a single screen by the new HMI. The HMI clearly shows the system status and production progress. Parameter modification and user input is restricted to certain designated fields. Until now almost all tube cutting systems have used separate user interface screens to control laser, CNC and accessories. This is no longer required with the novel StarCut Tube HMI. Figure 1 shows the StarCut tube.

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