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The yellow laser in medical lasertherapy (worldwide innovation)

After several years of research and development efforts, Weber Medical is finally able to introduce the first yellow laser worldwide for the use in intravenous and interstitial laser therapy. So far, a yellow laser with 5mW 589nm is ready to be used in intravenous treatments while the one with 50mW 589nm can be used for interstitial treatments. The new modules can be connected to all Weber Medical ‘endolaser’ devices without any problems. Both power and frequency can be adjusted individually.

What is the yellow laser good for?

after the development of red, infrared, green and blue lasers, yellow was the last missing prismatic color
yellow additionally stimulates the mitochondrial respiratory chain at complex II (cytochromes)
yellow has an detoxifying effect
yellow has an anti- depressive effect

New findings/ indicators:

The yellow laser stimulates the strongest natural photosensitizer – Hypericin out of St. Johns wort – and is therefore the most efficient laser in photodynamic cancer therapy.
Combined with Hypericin, yellow lasers are applicable for the treatment of viral and chronical bacterial infections.
A broad range of studies shows that anti- depressive effects of Hypericin can be strengthened significantly once the impact of Hypericin is enhanced by yellow lasers. Immediate improvements of patient’s sense of well- being have been observed.
The broad theoretical knowledge about the application opportunities of Hypericin can now be implemented in practice.

The new yellow laser – first clinical results:

Strong positive (anti-depressive) effects on general mood: “many of the patients begin to laugh and speak freely […], all have less pain and more freedom of movement.”
Positive results in chronic infections (e.g. lyme disease) and fatigue syndromes
Very positive experiences in advanced lyme disease; significant improvement after few treatments (45 min. intravenous)
Good effects on several virus infections (zoster, EBV, Herpes)
Strong anti- bacterial effect
Very good results in patients with panic attacks, depression and anxiety disorders (yellow laser IV and hypericin oral; combination with Tryptophan in patients with lack of serotonin)
Promising development in patients with lack of ATP; yellow laser stimulates complex III of the oxidative phosphorylation and supports therapy with other laser wavelengths, NADH, coenzyme Q10 and carnitin
Positive effect on Multiple Sklerosis
Application in photodynamic tumor therapy (in combination with Hypericin): significant reduction of tumormarkers.

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