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TMT-COMED ( About us )



TMT-COMED GmbH is a German company which was founded in 2007 in the area of Tuttlingen (federal state Baden-Wurtemberg).

TMT-CОМЕD GmbH is specialized in manufacturing and marketing of medical technology, hardware cosmetology and surgical tools.

With the realisation of medical technology we are focused on the advanced, innovative and checked up technologies, which are economic and highly effective.

In the range of surgical and endoscopic tools, TMT-COMED GmbH offers a wide range of instruments for medicine, including human medicine.

All tools bear a logo “TMT COMED GmbH”, individual number, and also the European sign “CE” that confirms their high quality.

Thus the customer, his requests and requirements are in the centre of our attention!

Surgical instruments

With surgical instruments we offer our customers a rich standard palette for the whole area of human medicine. From scalpels, tweezers, retractors to gynecology instruments, we have everything in our assortment. We deliver high-precision surgical instruments and see ourselves as a partner who listens exactly, shows initiative, and understands needs and demands of our customers. The focus of our thinking is the customer with his wishes and demands.

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